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I visited your business for the first time today. Y'all did a moon roof rebuild on my 2012 F350. Becca was so nice and helpful! The job was completed quickly and inexpensively. Thank you so much!

Kim F.

Austin TX

Kind and excellent service.. I have an aftermarket sunroof on my ’07 Chevy SUV that Texas Auto Tops of Austin originally installed for the dealer. While 350 miles away from home, the roof failed to close and the weather forecast was gloom and doom, predicted for the next 3 or 4 days of good old Texas rain. I bought the truck second hand and didn’t have the paperwork for the roof install but was told by the previous owner that Texas Auto Tops performed the work. I called on Monday morning early and was told to bring it in when convenient. I failed to ask how long it would take and fully expected to have to call a friend for a ride home. They immediately pulled my truck in for service, put a qualified tech (Henry) on the job and with friendly and polite demeanor, returned my keys an hour later with a, “Thank you and no charge.” They had to trace the problem to a faulty “ribbon wire” and replaced it. Becca even dug up a new warranty and owners manual including their contact information. It’s rare to find such responsive, friendly and professional folks to deal with these days. Thanks Becca and Henry and Texas Auto Tops!

R. Jude

Austin, TX

I had a sun roof installed in my 2008 CTS and afterwards the headliner started coming down towards the back window. Since I live South it just wasn’t convenient to go back over there but finally a year and a half later I called and spoke w/Becca at the front desk. I explained my situation – busy, no time to drive way over there but would like to have that fixed. Becca said great – still in warranty (2 yr warranty) and that since she lived South she could meet me and exchange vehicles and take mine to have it repaired. We did that and there was no charge for the repairs and I was not inconvenienced!!!! What a breath of fresh air and how lucky they are to have such an accommodating person as their employee!!!!!! I give them 5 stars for honoring the warranty and going out of THEIR way to accommodate a customer (and for knowing the right people to hire!!!).


Austin, TX

I was a little hesitant since I tend to go off feedback and there wasn’t a lot of feedback on here, but the service was EXCELLENT on my Volvo C70 hardtop headliner. They were very quick and professional. Their quote was very reasonable and they came in under their quote. Rebecca is VERY knowledgeable…. and approachable for women that must take care of the car stuff It actually speaks volumes that the feedback on here is good since people mostly tend to write reviews only when service is bad. I highly recommend Texas Auto Tops!!!!

Michelle M.

Austin, TX

This place is the greatest. I have a land rover with leaking sunroof. Rebecca & the team at auto tops are the best. They worked with me on finding a reasonable price solution, that means allott if you ever owned a land rover. They kept working on it till they found the problem and fixed it. They didn’t charge me anymore than they quoted. If you need any services they provide you would be a fool not go to this place. If I need any services they provide I will definately go back. By the way Rebecca is the best.

Angie A.

Austin, TX

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